I feel that one the most frustrating topics that I talk about with my clients and people around the community is the topic of “results”. How to get them? How to keep them? Why can’t I get them? etc. When I hear the topic of results I first think about who the subject is. The main factor is who this person is and where they started from. Then, the main question after that is how reasonable are their goals? Everybody creates these goals of superficial nature and they are way off base. People’s goals should be based more around the questions of, “Am I functional in my range of motion? strength? flexibility?”
Now, lets evaluate that for a minute. If you have restrictions on your range of motion because of your fat being in the way, then you need to get rid of it. If you have too much fat and it is burdening your heart, your arteries, your posture or your joints, then you need to lose it. These are real life issues….not how you look in the mirror! Through strength training, cardio, proper nutrition and the right assistance these things can be achieved over a time period. Everybody wants these instant results but they aren’t willing to work their butts off for them or stick with it long enough for it to work. The bare minimum isn’t ever enough!! People need to get real with the person in the mirror and answer the question once and for all why they aren’t getting the results they want. It’s all you! Now that we got that established lets talk about the solution.
The solution resides in your mind….in your daily attitude…in your life philosophy!! How do you view your life, your situation, your position? If your not happy with it then get a game plan together to accomplish it. Once that is done you can use you workouts for an energy release, a way of letting out some steam. The first thing that must be established is your mindset toward why it is you are there to workout?!?! Your going to get that when you establish your purpose of why, who, and because of what are you working out for?? It’s got to be for you! Get with an adequate professional trainer and have them help you establish the proper mindset and then, and only then, you will be on your way!! Don’t delay! It only makes it worse!!
Remember: Keep your goals REAL, not just REALISTIC!!

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  1. annette bacheller says:

    Putting the pedal to the metal! Trying to make it all work together, everyday not just some days 🙂

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