James Wright, RKC

James Wright, RKC

James is a Billings native with twelve years’ experience as a professional trainer. He holds a BS in exercise physiology from MSU-Bozeman, and multiple training certifications, including the prestigious RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certifcation).

As a lifelong athlete, James has played almost every popular sport in North America. From his own experience with kettlebells, as well as his RKC training, he has concluded that kettlebells can help athletes improve in any sport where movement, especially hip-related movement, is important.

James is passionate about fitness, and he loves to help his students challenge themselves and unlock their potential. SAFE, EFFECTIVE training is his mantra, and FUN is always part of the mix!

Education, experience, knowledge and passion—James has them all, and he’s ready to help YOU.

All are welcome—young and old, men and women, couch potatoes and lifelong athletes!